Claudette moved from Utah Valley to Moroni about two years ago with her husband.  Prior to living in Moroni, she lived in Payson, Utah. She has been very active in the Arts and was instrumental in establishing the Art Program and Art Council at the Payson Museum.
Claudette said, “My love of painting started when I was still very young.  I can’t remember how old I was, but I was playing with my friend who happened to be the niece of Mr. Haffen from Springville, Utah.  My friend took me into his studio where I saw tubes of beautiful paint and brushes of all kinds and sizes.  The smells were wonderful, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.”
Claudette loves the outdoors, as “Mother Nature” is like an open book to her.  Sun, shadows and bold colors are like special moments.  Everywhere she would look would be like turning a page of the book of life.  This is what inspires her paintings.  Claudette doesn’t paint scenes as they appear.  She says, “I let my hands and mind take over.  I like to have everything ready so when I am in the mood I can just start to paint.  That’s why my kitchen has a canvas and paints ready to go.  When I start to paint, time flies by so fast.  I realize the day is over and the light is gone.”
Claudette has painted scenes from the seashores of California to the barren deserts of Arizona to the beauty of South Korea where she spent several years.  Her heart is in the West among the pines and quakies or with the slow moving streams of life.  She has listed those who have instructed and influenced her painting: Mr. Haffen of Springville, Utah, Mr. Oliver Parons also of Springville, Utah, Mr. tie Lee, Gold Medal winner of South Korea, Mrs. Donna Corno of Payson, Utah and Gian Ferrari of Mt Pleasant, Utah.