Many of Clark's works are already on display throughout the Museum, but this will be a rare opportunity to visit with this remarkable artist and his wife, Pauline.  Children are invited also since many are familiar with Mr. Bronson’s illustrated wildlife book and magazines.  Some of these are available in the Museum Gift Shop.
Because of his intense interest in Nature as a youngster, and his gift for intricately drawn wildlife, famous artist Arnold Friberg once said of Clark, “Clark Bronson is the best in his field.” Clark served as Mr. Friberg’s assistant at the University of Utah for several years.
After working for the Utah  Fish and Game Dept. illustrating animals, Clark’s talents won him many national honors.  About 1970, Clark decided to switch mediums and began sculpting, and soon became known as “the greatest wildlife sculptor since the 19th century.”  Clark and Pauline began filming animals as a resource for Clark”s art, often out in the wilds of Alaska where some of the animals would approach him with curiosity rather than in fear.  Many of those and other amazing experiences were caught on video and DVD by Pauline and are also for sale locally.