Lois Anderson is married to the love of her life, Corey D Anderson.  They have 7 amazing children, (2 girls, 5 boys) all married to wonderful spouses, and 24 adorable grandchildren.  They live in Fairview where Corey raises sheep and ranches.  They have spent many years in the sheep camp themselves herding sheep.  Lois painted a few oil landscapes in that tiny camp, with children buzzing in and out!  Those were good times!
She first began experimenting with oil painting about 1980. During the next 35 years she has done over 44 paintings. Lois took a couple art classes in 1983, because of Corey's encouragement and persuasion. She had never taken any art lessons, or classes  prior to that time, in school or college, so this was a huge endeavor.  Her art teacher soon moved away, but she continued painting on her own.
One thing that motivated her was when her oldest son earned his "Eagle" rank in scouting. She wanted to do a landscape painting with an eagle flying high to present to him at his Eagle Court of Honor. She continued do that for each of her five sons as they earned their  "Eagle" Recognition, as a gift to them for their dedication, hard work and accomplishment in earning that award.
InJuly 1989 Lois was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma).  At this time they had seven children ranging from 14 years old to 2 years old.  She underwent chemotherapy, but two years later she was diagnosed with another kind of lymphoma.  During these challenging years she spent time painting, while her wonderful family took care of home and each other.  She recognizes her success inthe paintings she has accomplished is due largely to her amazing family, and the Lord.
Lois's latest oil painting was two years ago when the youngest son and his fiance asked her to paint a picture of the Manti Temple for their wedding. She was overwhelmed with the thought of that request. It took a lot of work, tears, and encouragement. The completed project is cherished by the family.
Lois feels grateful for the talents the Lord has blessed her with.  Her greater love and interest is in sewing and making gorgeous quilts!!  She has made many beautiful wedding cakes, is an excellent cook, gardener, and works at the elementary school as a teacher assistant.  But her greatest love is being with her husband, children and grandchildren!  They are her greatest accomplishments, and treasures! !!