I spent my younger years moving around from state to state until my family settled in Utah when I was 11 years old in Orem.  I instantly fell in love with the mountains and beautiful sunsets. I always had a love of drawing and took art classes all the way through school.
After I graduated from high school, I quit drawing and found a lot of other interests.  I began spending most of my waking moments on my bicycle exploring areas of Utah I had never seen before. I was biking 450 miles a week.  It helped me to fulfill two passions; being in shape and being out in nature. 
In 2001, I moved to Georgia and married my husband, Adam.  We lived in the suburbs of Atlanta where the scenery was less inspiring and the traffic was dangerous.  I mostly quit biking and my hobbies turned to more creative outlets again. I began scrapbooking, crocheting, quilting, gardening, photography, figure skating, pretending I was a pioneer and sewing historic clothing.  I sewed a period correct dress from the 1850’s for Trek.  I learned a lot of new sewing techniques and skills while making it and discovered a passion for hand sewing.
In 2006, I rediscovered drawing and had oddly improved since my school days.  I really enjoyed doing portraits.  In 2013, I was at work on day and I felt this need to paint.  I couldn’t get home fast enough that day.  I pulled out my old watercolors from elementary and painted one of my dogs.  It was pretty bad which pushed me to practice and improve.  So 2 years ago, I began painting.  Since picking up a paintbrush, that has been my main focus.  I am still learning something new every time I paint.  I have a lot left to learn but I really enjoy being able to paint the landscapes that inspire me. Over the years, many animals have found their ways into our lives.  We do not search them out; they find us when they are in need.  We currently have 6 cats and 6 dogs.  They are a very big part of my life and family.
In 2013, we moved from Georgia to Indianola. I have never felt more at home anywhere than I have here. I love Sanpete and can’t imagine ever wanting to leave. Just a month ago, my husband and I opened a restaurant in Mount Pleasant at the caboose called Pioneer House combining my love of all things pioneer and his love of cooking for others. Since I am still new to painting, I am very nervous to show my art to others but I am very grateful for this opportunity.