I was in my 40’s when I just “saw” paintings in my head.  I can’t even draw.   I just knew I wanted to paint some of those pictures.  I learned to paint pretty much on my own sometimes beginning at 2 or 3 AM to put in a few hours before going to work, or late into the evening after work.  At every opportunity I painted and repainted and repainted.
Mixing colors to make other colors is an art within itself (and it takes a lot of practice)!  The colors are so important in making figures come to life with depth, light, emotion; it seems the pictures take on their own movement as colors evolve and mix on canvas.
I believe in creation at the hand of God and I believe He allows me to create from His hand.
I absolutely love life and want to experience everything while I’m here!  The last several years my paintings have seemed to take on a greater meaning than in the beginning, it’s like they have a life, a story behind each one and I’m not sure until it’s done as to what the meaning is;  but in all, it’s as if my own life experiences are depicting an emotion within itself; capturing the feeling of love for those whose souls are lost or in need of love; those who shine from inside or are lonely and need a path to follow so a ray of light to give them courage.  Or perhaps, like walking through ones’ own feelings, capturing one element that everyone has to go through in a lifetime, but only lasts a short time and they are off to another moment; and the previous fades away into the past as a new day has begun! 
“Thus, Today becomes yesterday tomorrow.
Tis the memory of time gone and the unknown to be found; another a moment to be treasured!”
When you find a passion, follow it.  Treasures are not measured in money.  Treasures are in your heart.  I finally found peace with how I paint.  I paint what is in my soul.