Regional History is shown through historical portraits, photographs, diverse historical domestic, fashion, textiles, military, agricultural, industrial, commercial collections, and early implements (Heritage building). The presentation in the Heritage Building is by themed, named galleries. Each title will show some of the items in these galleries. All pictures can be expanded. Larger print titles link to thir own page.

Cinderella at the Ball Taj Mahal Wells Fargo Stage Cafe in Lindon

Here is a slideshow of some of the exhibits that are not contained or categorized in galleries. Most are found as supplemental pieces in adjoining alcoves or hallways in the building.



  • Dental Office Dental Office
  • Dress Collection Dress Collection
  • Barber Chairs Barber Chairs
  • Telephones & Typewriters Telephones & Typewriters
  • Surrey Ride Surrey Ride
  • Winter Scene Winter Scene